Time…To Say Goodbye

This is a piece I wrote about leaving my private practice, as it occurred to me that the parts of our lives that we outgrow and move on from, are also parts that we also often love whole heartedly and will miss. I have already left the shore, yet, still here with one finger hanging on, treading water as I muster the courage to let go.. But as the poem offers, I also know that it is “right”.

Time to say Goodbye

It’s time to say goodbye my love
I know we’ve been together for a long time
I know I’ve invested countless hours in our relationship
I know that we’ve been good together
and good for others
I know that in so many ways in my mind
that it doesn’t make sense
to say good bye to us
but there is something deeper telling me that I need to move on
and it’s been there for a while now
we both know it
and oh how my heart is breaking
I’ve tried to make it work
I’ve looked at it from all the angles that have showed up
but no matter what I see
it always comes back that
it’s no longer right
I have no answers
I have no other options waiting in the shadows
I’m leaving the shores of our familiar dance
not because I simply want to leave
but because I know I can no longer stay
this pull keeps tugging
and although I wish it were different
it isn’t
and oh how I have tried to make it different
I am left with a grief
as I push off the shore of us
and a sea of unknowns
because I will miss you
I will pine for you in moments
but I will also rest in a peace
of having listened to my own heart
and this ever surprising journey of life
that calls me to live it