Privacy Policy

PRIVACY STATEMENT for Counseling Practice of Jennifer Glaese updated: MAY 2019

  1. All information I have about you, my clients, is confidential and is collected for the benefit of my clients, including contact information. I keep all information in hand written form in files in my home office. Except for the information on invoices (a client’s name and address) there is no information on my computer about client(s).
  2. I do not share any inforamtion with others, a third party, unless I have the authority to do so from a client in written form. I do not give out email addresses or write group emails which contain information about you, my client.
  3. The only time I share information about a client without consent is by law, which is when a client is deemed unsafe to him/herself or to others.
  4. By law, I have to keep all information about you, my client, for a period of 15 years, at which time I destroy /delete the files. UNLESS, you give me written permission to get rid of the information before this period, which you are free to do at any point.
  5. Any information/notes I keep about you, my client, are notes that can be viewed by you, my client, at your request, and again can be removed from your file, or destroyed by you, my client, by written permission.
  6. Because even email can be unsafe for private infromation I will ask that anything confidential be given to me on paper, instead of attaching it in an email.
  7. The sessions from which I get permission from you, my client, to video/voice record, are destroyed or deleted after I look/listen at them. Unless I have permission, in written form, I do not share these videos/voice recordings with others.

Your privacy is important to me and I welcome any of your thoughts about keeping your information private and secure. Please feel free to be in touch with me about any of the above points at any time.

Updated, May, 2019