Lost Before You’re Found

Maybe You Have To Be Lost Before You Are Found

What is this being lost anyway
what are we really talking about
a feeling that you don’t know what to do next
where you want to go
or maybe how to do it
or even trying to figure out what the “it” is
are you looking into the mind to figure out the answer to this deeper question
or maybe
you’ve already exhausted all the ideas the mind has come up with
that happens at some point in life, sooner or later
so “now what?”
“now what?”
but what’s wrong with “now what” anyway
who says you always have to know
maybe the question in itself is the point
this question, this sense of being lost
could be a reorganization
an invitation
a portal to something fresh
a brand new sense of life
that could only come from you not knowing 
that could only come from the void, the “now what”
otherwise it would be something you’ve already done
already experienced
already found
and you already know…that’s not it
so here you are “lost”